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About Us

What’s the story behind Better Me Better Us? It’s simple: we’re two professionals who ♥ the hustle. Every day we hit the ground running, ready to tackle it all in pursuit of achievement, improvement and success. And if our inbox is overflowing and our to-do list seems endless? Not only is that par for the course it’s clearly a sign we’re heading in the right direction.

But, we admit it -- we aren’t perfect. And, let’s face it, we never will be. So when our pile gets big  and the list seem long, we need help cutting through the clutter and chaos so we can kick butt, take names and get it done.

That’s where BMBU comes in.

BMBU’s collection of personalized planning sheets, habit docs, “lessons learned” and results-focused planners are designed to empower doers and dreamers to work through goals, habits and must-dos in a simple, succinct and purpose-driven way. Our collection helps frame the next day, week, month and year, enabling you to clear your head, be creative and live in-the-moment. Because as we’ve seen over and over, something incredible happens when you harness the power of ambition -- with some focus, determination and organization you can do it all, be it all and achieve it all. It’s Better Me Better Us, and a better way to be.