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Welcome to Better Me Better Us

Posted by Gretchen Reiter on

Welcome to Better Me Better Us!  

We are excited you are here and to share with you the journey we’ve each had and are having of being driven women who want more out of lives, careers and selves. Like you, we all have dreams, passions, goals, and ways we want to be better.  But if we are being honest, we’ve all probably learned in a frustrating and disappointing way that dreams don’t work unless we do - AND it’s a process.  

We can all dare to dream, but it’s an individual process to dare to build a life and career when life moves at lightening speed.  Leigh Anne and I have both arrived at birthdays, looking back upon the previous years, and been overcome with feelings of guilt and worthlessness because we felt we didn’t make any gains personally or professionally.

Sharing these feeling with each other, along with ways we each organize our lives and get motivated, we decided to share our learnings with others and develop Better Me Better Us.

The Better systems are about coupling your dreams or to do list with intentionality and thoughtful use of your days, weeks, months and years that lead to momentum.  Our systems take the unachievable and unmanageable and make it manageable.

It’s a process or a system to help us get on the stick and start driving instead of passively letting things happen. It all comes down to being intentional - putting pen to paper - thinking through the goal, the habit, the project, and then getting it down to bitesize achievable chunks. We may all have the same amount of time in a day as Beyonce, but how are we use that time determines outcomes in our lives.

We also want to share what we’ve learned in our careers.  We’ve been there, done that, screwed up and tried again and we want you to benefit from our experience. By coming to gathering and sharing, we can be better personally and collectively - Better Me, Better Us.

Welcome to a better way of moving forward in your life and career,

Leigh Anne & Gretchen

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