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Set Goals that Make Sense

Posted by Leigh Anne Gilbert on

Do you find yourself constantly coming up short in your own mind -- that you could be doing better or accomplishing more? Have you ever thought that might have to do with the expectations you place on yourself? Here are some ways that you can prevent burn-out, by setting and achieving the goals that make sense for you.

  • Know your priorities.

Understanding what comes first and what comes second will help you make decisions quickly. But here is the catch: you have to be incredibly honest about this. If friends and family are your first priority, attending family dinner takes precedence over a last-minute office happy hour. Decision made.

  • Be realistic about time.

When you are making your plans for the week, be honest about the amount of time a project will take you. Set aside ample time. It’s always better to over-promise and over-deliver than to commit to a million things and only come through on some things.

  • Write things down.

Whether you’re using pen and paper or blocking off time on your cloud-based calendar, make notes about your goals and your plans. Put it in writing (or make an inspiration board) and don’t ignore it.

  • Reward your accomplishments.

When you do reach your goals - both large and small - give yourself positive reinforcement. Even if it is something as simple as a mini-celebration dance in your office chair to that ridiculous Taylor Swift song that makes you smile.

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